Preferred Retailers

Can we empower brands to drive their products to retailers of their preference?

A feature that allows a manufacturer to set a preference list of retailers to the consumer.


Role: Sr. Product Designer
Company: Weedmaps

Individual contributor W/ team support
Timeline: 1 month

Weedmaps is the largest cannabis aggregator in the world with tech backing for web and mobile applications. With the goal to connect consumer to the best products and stores.


What should be the Outcome?

This will allow a brand to select a set number of retailers they want to offer a consumer first.

Allowing a brand to grow or continue a relationship with a retailer also letting vertical(manufacturing + retail) brands to offer their locations first to consumers.

It will also help consumers to have visibility that they can transact on a brand's page.


Ordering through a brand

Asking participant if displaying orderability through a brand is valuable to consumers.

The outcome showed participants were in favor of transactability.

Most helpful to a user

We wanted to learn what information was most important to consumers at a high-level.


It's about the user's journey

Once the problem and challenges became clear we took to understanding a clients journey. We asked questions like:

Ex. "If a brand has 100+ locations how can they easily find a retailer?" Ex. "As a vertical brand, what happens if I have more then 10 locations?"


Iterative Wireframing

Using our requirements documentation and flows as a guide, we explored multiple iterations. Somewhere low-impact, utilizing systems that existed in our platform (image on the right). And other explorations were new and based around user-centered designs.

Hi-Fidelity Comps

Taking the next step in the design process by created a polish Hi-Fi Comps. Then doing a rapid prototype to show movement and process.

Rapid Prototyping


High Fidelity First time users

After feedback and approval we set the path of going user-centered.
Providing a dominant interstitial allowed clients to understand this new feature and provide a consumer- facing example.
The empty state provides a centric path to the client on how to setup their preferred retailers.

Providing Trust

Once the client has added all their all their preferred retailers can will have two major actions.


  • Adjust the stacking order of a retailer

  • Remove a retailer, in order to free up a position.

Brand Ordering

On the consumer-side, we provide awareness to the consumer with a simple chip stating they can order online through these brands.


Status and thoughts

This will empower brands to channel where their products are sold and allow for more transparency to tell consumers they can purchase products through a brand.

This enhancement is currently live on the site.


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All works has been designed my Chase O'Grady