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How might we encourage brand-centric shopping instead of dispensaries is the strategic goal. Driving them down the transaction funnel within a brand to increase conversion.

To achieve this it requires thoughtful planning and user-centered design.


Role: Sr. Product Designer
Company: Weedmaps

Individual contributor W/ team support
Timeline: 2 month

Weedmaps is the largest cannabis aggregator in the world with tech backing for web and mobile applications. With the goal to connect consumer to the best products and stores.


What should is the core issue?

The data showed there was a massive drop-off after consumers arrived on the brands page.

How do we keep the consumers engaged and continuing through the transaction funnel?


What do consumers want?

During our testing the insights found participants showed value in displaying a brand's products.

A brand's page that displayed the highest selling products where important to participants.

How can we help the consumer?

We found participants favored the ability to display brands that offered their consumption preference.

Can we provide trust?

When asking participants about values of attributes, Best of Weedmaps had high value.

Through organic insights participants shared they have the most trust in Weedmaps.


Iterative Wireframing

Starting with rough wireframes based on research findings and initial scoping is an excellent approach to ensure that the design process aligns with user needs and project objectives. These wireframes serve as the foundation for a user-centered and iterative design process.

Quantitative Testing

Performing comparison testing with three versions is an important step in the design process to determine which version best meets user needs and project goals. This kind of testing helps in making data-driven decisions and selecting the most effective design.

Discovering strong value in a leaderboard and the inclusion of a brand's products and high-level information is valuable insight that can greatly influence the design and features of your project.



Providing trust to consumers

Seeing a brand's rating, attributes, badges, deals and followers lead the consumer to create a clear and open path to move down the transaction funnel.

Providing a consumer with discoverability

  • Featured

  • Top rated

  • Most views

Helping the Consumer

Leveraging AI for personalized and efficient brand and product discovery is a significant advancement that can greatly enhance the user experience.


Understanding that imagery and high-level information play a significant role in driving user engagement and brand exploration is a valuable insight.

What the consumer wants

The importance of displaying strong imagery, high-level information, and best-selling products for enhancing discoverability is a valuable insight. It demonstrates an understanding of consumer preferences and the elements that drive engagement and decision-making.


Adding this component gives consumers better knowledge and understanding to shop by brands.


Directing a strong path

Prioritizing local brands for consumers and gradually expanding discoverability aligns with providing a personalized and user-centric experience.

Status and thoughts

Did we help connect brands and consumers? Testing and insights have led you to a successful path for increasing overall brand visibility by incorporating strong imagery, high-level information, and top-selling products.

Is trust being provided?The recognition of high value in Weedmaps and the ability to curate content through testing and insights is a testament to your data-driven approach. The recognition of high value in Weedmaps and the ability to curate content through testing and insights is a testament to your data-driven approach.

This site was launched to the public in July 2022 and developing post MVP roadmap.

These results below are displaying the data for the first month post launch


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